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Company Law

Swiss company law offers the choice between finance companies, private partnership and companies with or without legal personality.

The choice of the legal form right from the beginning, is essential since it will determine the relationship with the tax authorities, the other members, the suppliers, clients and employees. The choice of the type of company shall result from purposeful thinking about the particulars of the partners, the financial means involved, the tax issues, and the entrepreneurial project being envisaged.

It will also take into consideration the economic sphere and the legal requirements.

The development of the company may require to adapt the structure, or even to change the type of the company. Legal advising will then be needed so as to optimise the operation and manage the tax impact.

In some cases, difficulties may arise from the variety of protagonists gravitating around the company. A perfect knowledge of the structure and of the initial intent shall enhance the protection of your interests and as well as the research for settlement solutions, before resolving to go to court.