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Notary's sphere of activities

The authentic form is commonly used in Switzerland because it is mandatory for a number of deeds and contracts which are important and may prove risky in juridical life.

The notary is primarily an independent and neutral public officer, who receives deeds and contracts in the authentic form and accomplishes various formalities, in accordance with stringent rules of procedure aimed at guaranteeing the security of the law. While drafting an authentic document, the notary must safeguard the interest of all parties in an unprejudiced manner. The parties may therefore confide freely and totally in the notary.

Notaries must abide by these mandatory regulations.

The main spheres of activities of notaries are:

Property law: sale of property, property by floor (PPE), certificate of registration of mortgage, usufruct, right of occupancy;

Commercial law: company limited by shares, limited liability company;

Inheritance law: will, advances towards inheritance, distribution.

Family law: marriage contract.