Our sphere of activity

Proceedings, Arbitration, Debt collection

Civil proceedings encompass the whole of the regulations which govern the unfolding of a lawsuit before an ordinary civil court.

Criminal proceedings deal with the involvement of the state authorities starting with the complaint filed by a victim, the denunciation or the ascertainment of a punishable act up to the final judicial decision.

Administrative proceedings determine under which conditions a person may obtain or oppose the act or a decision of an administrative authority.

Arbitration is a way of discreetly solving disputes. It is based on the will of the parties to submit their case to arbitrators, who are private independent judges and are in most instances, reputable specialists in the sphere concerned.

It may happen that the debtor of an obligation to pay imposed upon him or her either extra-judicially or by way of a court order, does not perform. In such a case, the creditor may turn to the authorities to help him or her obtain recovery of the claim by forceful legal means. Debt collection proceedings consist in various ways: seizure, bankruptcy or compulsory composition.