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Marie Carruzzo Fumeaux

Having obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Swiss law from the University of Lausanne, Marie Carruzzo Fumeaux holds a Valais lawyers certificate since 1995. Her mother tongue is French.

Marie Carruzzo Fumeaux started her career as an associate in a lawfirm based in Martigny (Switzerland) and worked in several occasions in the capacity as court clerk both in the civil and criminal jurisdictions. She practices as an independent attorney-at law since 1996.

Marie Carruzzo Fumeaux is a general practitioner, with a preference towards family and inheritance law, natural persons and guardianship law, property law, contract law, consumer protection law, criminal and administrative law, debt collection law and traffic law. She has a regular practice in litigation, before Valais Courts and administrative authorities which gives her a solid knowledge of administrative, criminal and civil proceedings.

Since 2001, she is  the acting  chairman of the Valais Supervisory Committee of the Health Profession. In addition, she is the record clerk of the first instance criminal court in Conthey (Switzerland).